Sony Music Entertainment Inc. is a leading global music company that produces, manufactures, distributes and markets recorded music and entertainment in a wide range of formats, including video, CD, DVD, MD and SACD
In order to capture a large market share of the Australian Football League traffic, Sportal contracted Day3 to develop the combined initiative Telstra/Sportal AFL website.
i7 Pty Ltd initially contacted Day3 in March 2000 to create the principal infrastructure and architecture for an online portal, forging not only a strong ‘creator-to-consumer’ relationship but also a strong rapport between Day3 and i7.
The Bladder is a satirical site that pokes fun at anything sports related. The site is the joint venture between Day3 and Media Giants.
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The relationship between Day3 and the Victorian State Government began in November 1997, with the development of the Rapid Project, an Acute and Mental Health System for the Department of Human Services.
Optus deliver a range of online services
Norske Skog (formerly Fletcher Challenge Paper and Australian Newsprint Mills respectively) initially came to Day3 in mid-1997, seeking electronic automation of a number of company procedures for Occupational Health and Safety.
Vodafone and Day3 joined forces in 1999 for the front end development of the Vodafone Dealer Commission System which was a system used to calculate commission payable to Vodafone’s dealers
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