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Day3's commitment to being a leading full service provider, seamlessly combining digital strategy, creative design, technical delivery and managed services, is proven by our ability to provide end-to-end services for our clients and to act as a partner for a range of business initiatives.

Our Differentiators

At Day3 our focus is on being a full service provider with a particular depth in technology skills and expertise. Our partners provide both depth and breadth to our capability and rather than competing with domain experts either in each area, our approach is to partner best-of-breed companies to enable a single point of engagement for our clients. 

Day3 has a strong reputation as a relationship builder and our focus on client retention has meant that we often complete multiple projects with our existing clients whilst also 
providing strong references to ensure the growth of a new client base. This is consistent with many industry commentator’s views of successful business models in the e-business solution marketplace. 

Why does a full service provider make all the difference? 

A full service provider of end-to-end solutions can be defined as having services in four major categories: Strategic, Creative Design, Technical and Managed Services. 

While Managed Services is about the services offered to a client after a solution is developed, they are all tightly integrated.

Technical Services 

Companies in the core of this space are typically either system integrators or application developers. Their capabilities include designing and developing front-end transactional and customer relationship management (CRM) systems and integrating them with back-end systems such as ERP and supply chain systems. In addition, there are software vendors and partners that implement a variety of extended enterprise applications. Some of these companies include Seibel, i2 and Tibco. 

Managed Services 

Companies in this area are infrastructure providers and application service providers that supply server platforms for hosting a client’s internet presence and web-based application. 
Whilst having an interest in building a web services component, typically they lack the experience and know how of development companies. 

Professional Firms 

The big 5 and other large professional consulting firms have generally provided the mix of strategy and development. During the 90’s they benefited significantly from lucrative ERP implementations, which established the capability to develop technology solutions for clients. During the era, many of these companies saw some of their brightest consultants leave to work with start-ups or with specific internet development companies. To counter this, they began investing in creative services skills. However the cultural clash has meant that they have not been able to extract synergy between the strategy, technology and creative parts of their consulting business. 

Outsourced Managed Services 

These specific companies are involved in the outsourcing of Information Technology departments and in particular their infrastructure and legacy systems. There are many of these companies in operation some of which include IBM, GSA, EDS. Most tend to provide a range of technology services in addition to infrastructure. Their services are general and tend to lack the focus and expertise to execute a business requirement focussed on delivery on the internet. 

The Full Service Provider (FSP) 

Whilst there are many eBusiness service providers, many tend to focus on one area, levering a heritage in either strategy, creative design or systems integration. The advantage of a FSP is the seamless experience and quicker time to market, or what Day3 refers to as ‘Accelerated Delivery'. 

This approach allows for greater control over the engagement and enables the company to leverage it into an ongoing relationship. In addition the FSP is able to capture a larger percentage of the client’s information technology budget and establish a more favourable long term pricing environment. 

Through a single engagement, the FSP is able to leverage partners with specific expertise but the client is dealing with just one vendor, instead of multiple which can often contribute to increased project delivery time and cost. 
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