​Client challenge: 
To create an online resource centre that enabled all financial service providers to analyse the impact of the CLERP6 reforms.

KPMG also wanted to build a reference centre for CLERP6 legislation information to increase awareness of KPMG’s expertise in the assessment of the business impact arising from the CLERP6 legislation. 

Solution summary: 
The result was the development of the CLERP6 site as a joint venture between Day3 and KPMG. Using Day3’s Bermuda™, the site is a comprehensive, information-based tool for analysis of CLERP6 legislation. 

Users are provided with a comprehensive summary of the CLERP6 reforms and access to a CLERP6 Issues Manager while other features of the site include: topical press information, Government announcements, Legislative amendments and KPMG business services. 

The CLERP6 site combines Day3's technology intelligence and software innovation with KPMG’s leadership and expertise in the financial services sector.