Bill Point Analyser

Through our extensive experience in the industry, Day3 have revolutionised telecommunications customer service strategies, by providing a cost effective, time and money saving tool for numerous telecommunications organisations. 

Simplified telecommunications cost analysis 
Bill Point Analyser is a software application system developed specifically for telecommunications carriers of all sizes. A value added product that these companies can pass on to their corporate clients, BPA is an analytical tool for tracking the telecommunications costs across an enterprise, eliminating the need for time consuming paper analysis. 

Hierarchical in structure, Bill Point Analyser provides a global overview or a summary of costs across all cost centres and users throughout a whole enterprise. Customers are then able to drill down further to multiple service types, providing the ability to analyse usage data from facsimile, IDD, STD, mobile telephone or the Internet. 

Benefits of BPA Implementation 
1. Bill Point Analyser™ reduces costly customer support services by providing companies with their own analysis functions. As a result fewer customers dispute invoices, which reduces the number of days between invoice and payment, thereby freeing up valuable cash flow. 

2. Bill Point Analyser™ increases customer loyalty and reduces churn rate through providing a valuable tool with which companies are able to extend their cost allocation functions. 

Easy to read reporting 
As a managed service solution, telecommunications carriers have the ability to generate and analyse reports for their clients and can be in either graphical or statistical format. Exception reports are effortlessly sourced and show any combination of the selected criteria. These analysis criteria include destination of call, time of call, and duration of call. This provides valuable and accurate information to effectively manage telephone resources and budgets against cost centres. 

Save time and money 
The implementation of Bill Point Analyser can eliminate costly and time consuming paper analysis and can save hours of valuable productivity. Having the advantage of Internet capabilities, Bill Point Analyser allows clients to download billing data and product updates. A ‘Help’ service is also available to clients whenever they need it. 

Day3 offers Bill Point Analyser to telecommunications companies, from start-ups to Tier One carriers, a flexible OEM licence agreement. This enables the telecommunications company to market and re-brand the product as their own, to their own corporate clients. Bill Point Analyser also has added flexibility to be specifically tailored to the needs of the organisation.